Mental health workers continue the occupation of the Ministry of Health: statement and call for support

αναδημοσίευση από το Occupied London


Press release 

We continue the occupation at the ministry of health

 We need everyone’s support
The workers and those sacked from Mental Health and Special Support participated in the 48-hour General Strike and decided to continue the occupation of the Ministry of Health until Sunday 12/2 at noon, which is when we will hold another assembly to decide on the continuation of our mobilisations.
We demand:
-Immediate funding of the structures for the coverage of current needs (wages, insurance funds, running costs etc)
- The cancelling out of the decision to reduce the budget by 55% (40 instead of 85 million) for 2012, which practically means the collapse of the services and the Psychiatric Restructuring
- Obstacle-free, regular funding of Psychiatric Health and Special Support from the state budget
- No to lay-offs, mergers, the flexibilisation/ intensification of labour and the reduction in wages which by default lead to a shrinking of the services and the devaluation of their quality
- Holistic design for a Mental Health that will be public and free, to cover the ever-increasing needs of the society for support and help. Only with the participation of the workers and the recipients through our won structures shall proposals emerge for a true solving of the pending issues.
- Setting out of a common legal framework for Special Support
- No to the alteration of pensions and benefits of patients for the coverage of permanent running costs of the structures
- Re-employment of all who have been sacked, because none of us is consumable
We call all unions and workers attacked by the memorandum’s politics of impoverishment and trashing of the social net to support practically our occupation and to take similar incentives in their own workplaces

This is the largest mobilisation ever in our workplace and an unprecedented opportunity to co-ordinate our actions, with this occupation being a starting and reference point!
All together we can make it; the occupation needs everyone’s support!
We will meet on Sunday 12/02 at noon at the Assembly to decide the continuation of our mobilisations, and at 6pm at Syntagma.
Workers at Mental Health and Special Support

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